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Rerenga Awa Membership Options

Here at Rerenga Awa | Canterbury Youth Workers Collective we have a structured membership programme. 

See the below table to see which membership type will suit you best, the click apply now to get started. 

There are a few options with membership as you can see, if you are unsure which category you might fall into please just reach out to using the contact us page. Our membership database is self service, so you will be required to pay with credit card on application. If this is an issue please get in touch with us prior to starting the process. 

If you are applying for Individual/ individual - affiliate membership you will have needed to complete a Code of Ethics Training prior to being accepted. You can still apply, but you membership will not be granted until the training is completed. 

​All membership applications have a kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face) component that will be arranged by the Coordinator of the Collective. This is an opportunity to meet and see how we can best support you, and answer any questions either party might have. We will have have a couple of our Membership Committee present when possible. 

What is gained by having a Rerenga Awa membership? 

  • Be a part network of youth development professionals

  • Learn best practices, have access to discounted trainings and network opportunities

  • Access to and support of the external Complaints Procedure process

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