Cruize Erueti

I sat and struggled over how to introduce myself in a way that clearly explained my experience honestly.
I attended Shirley Boys High School, where I failed to graduate and then entered the work force thanks to a placement from one of the Councillors.
I then attended Aranui for a short time where I fostered relationships to guide me through my late teens, I worked numerous hospitality jobs while mentoring, teaching performing arts with those that accepted the challenge of bettering themselves and the community around us.
This network is the blessing that God gifted to me through many hard tasks, often impossible choices and for hiding my footprints in the sand.
I identify as He/Maui, Acting with my Heart, Instead of my Head.
I refuse to ignore the call to lead.
I do not want to see the next generation go through what mine did and do.
I have worked in many industries, with and for many of the best.
I exercised my Matauranga with a Kaitiaki Trust from the age of 9 where I have sat at the Table, learning with and from all the Kaumatua about the whenua.
I am committed to being a listening ear and an advocate for those in need, with the hope that we can be the positive change the world needs.
No Formal Qualifications, Just hardearned experience and a refusal to quit educating myself.
I have spent my time sitting around Maori and New Zealand Parliament, watching City and Regional Councils, represented my generation at sit downs and meetings all across Aotearoa, Utilized lessons taught to me at Marae and church to shape policy and action legislation.
I am connected to the land, and the land is connected to the people therefore I am connected to them, so we must protect them as we protect water, by navigating with the stars.

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