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We aim to connect young people with each other, with decision-makers, and with awesome opportunities to get involved!




Develop the skills and hear about opportunities to get involved and have your say. 




We also advocate for youth participation and the opportunity for young people to be champions for other young people in Canterbury. 


YVC is a network of young people and youth participation groups supported to have a voice and get involved in decision-making. 

YVC offers a place for young people to network and connect, opportunities to get involved, professional development and workshops, accountability, information and resource-sharing. 

The YVC network includes young people that are part of youth participation groups, youth councils and advisory groups, clubs, and organisations that are youth-led.

Connect with us if you’re a young person wanting to join the network, or an organisation wanting to engage with young people. 


A region where there are pathways for young people to be included and involved in decision-making and supported to have a voice and be leaders in their communities. 


To support young people and youth participation groups to develop the skills and pathways to participate, advocate, and be champions for young people in Canterbury,


Connect Young People 
We like to bring young people together for events such as 'youth connects', often over a common issue to connect, network, and share ideas. 

Develop the Youth Voice
We want to develop the youth voice, which is about providing training's and workshops to our network and also promoting professional development opportunities and ways for youth to get their voices heard. 

Champion Youth Participation
This is about championing the fact that young people exist, they are inheriting tomorrow, and they have a voice that can be as loud as anyone else. We champion youth participation by contributing to collaborations, panels and projects and advocating and presenting on youth participation, engagement, and why it is important to get young people involved.

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