SYS Forums

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The Strengthening the Youth Sector Project has been a collection of collaborative projects based around five themes. Founded upon the issues identified in a post-earthquake hui with the youth sector in September 2012, the project formed five working groups to target key areas of development for the youth sector, in order to meet the needs of young people.  

2018 signified a shift in the operation of the project and its function in the wider sector. The SYS Project now facilitates forums to bring together a huge range of people from all walks of life to focus on a topical issue or opportunity that impact our young people. 

We love connecting with a wide range of contributors and supporters across our region. The purpose of these events is to inform, support and build the capacity of the youth sector in Canterbury.

Forums are currently on hold in 2020 until they can host safely, but you can visit the SYS website, or sign up to the SYS mailing list to keep up to date.