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Sebastiano Scalia

Inner Work NZ

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Spreydon, Christchurch

Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Psychotherapy Practice (Clinical Supervision); Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences (CAMH/MH); DipCoun; Cert IPT; MNZAC.

I have 15 years experience supporting the development of the individual practitioner as they navigate the boundaries of their work context. I believe integration of personal and professional boundaries is at the centre of safe and effective practice, and highly value client work being the focus of Supervision. My approach values a focus on the 'here and now' which reflects processes outside immediate awareness. The process of understanding work, the development of a space to think freely, and supporting a process of working through, attends to professional and ethical boundaries that are often in tension, overstepped, and sometimes pushed aside in human interactions. I view Supervision, both professional and clinical, as collegial and structured within mutually agreed expectations, accountabilities and confidentiality. I welcome conversations to see if there may be a good fit between us and in meeting your Supervision needs. I maintain an ongoing clinical practice and CPD.

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