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Amber Paterson


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Alternative Education ;Camps;Community Development;Drop-in-centre;Ethics;Events;Faith-Based;Leadership Development;Mental Health;Mentoring;NEET;Rainbow;School;Whanau Service;Volunteer;Youth Development;Youth Health;Young Parents;Peer Supervision;Social Issues;

Tena koe, I'm Amber Paterson (she/her). I have been a kaimahi and youth development for over 13 years. I'm passionate about youth development and can't imagine working in any other profession. I have been providing supervision for kaimahi since 2018. My style of supervision is a holistic approach because we take our whole selves into this line line of mahi. Healthy kaimahi, healthy youth practice means healthier rangatahi. I have worked in many roles from faith based, well-being and psycho-social support, project creation, facilitation, kaupapa Maori, camps, hapori based, in-school, LGBTQIA+ groups and safe spaces.I

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