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Community Networks

As a collective, we exist to support and strengthen the youth development sector in Waitaha Canterbury. This means that we work together to connect, collaborate, and share resources throughout the region.

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Amplify Your Youth Work

Networking gives you the power to amplify your voice and advocate for positive change on a wider scale. 

Build Your Future

Create a powerful community dedicated to empowering young people. By sharing resources, knowledge and passion to build a brighter future. 

Team Up for Support

Your network becomes your support system, offering guidance, solutions, and a high five when you need it most. 

In addition to the networks that we host, we collaborate with other organisations to support other networks in the area. This includes:

  • Selwyn Youth Networking Forum - a gathering aimed at connecting and empowering youth-oriented organisations, educators, and community leaders. Discover opportunities for collaboration, share innovative ideas, and foster lasting parnerships that will positively impact the lives of young people in our community. Together, building a stronger network of support, resources, and opportunities for the youth of Selwyn.
    To get on the communication list, contact Bridie :


  • North Canterbury Youth Services Network - This network is held by Waimakariri District Council and runs quarterly in different locations around North Canterbury. The aims of this network are to networks, share ideas, identify issues and upskill.
    To get on the communication list contact Emily :

Take a look below and sign up for any Networks you feel would suit your mahi best, and where you feel you can contribute. We look forward to connecting with you. 

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