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Complaints Process

As a member of Rerenga Awa | Canterbury Youth Workers Collective, you are held externally accountable to the commitment of the practice of the Code of Ethics Aotearoa New Zealand. This means that at anytime should you, another member, or organisation feel that there has been a breach to this practice, then a complaint can and must be made.

The following details on this page are a guideline to Rerenga Awa's process when such a complaint is made, as well as contact details should you wish to lodge a complaint. 

​Individual and Organisational
Membership Types

Individual and Organisational Members must agree to be externally accountable to the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in Aotearoa via the Rerenga Awa Complaints Process.


The diagram (below) highlights the different stages of this process. If you feel that another member, or organisation, is in breach of the Code of Ethics, please contact the Rerenga Awa Manager to lodge a concern. 

Complaints Process Chart.png
Complaints Process Diagram
Individual and Organisational MembershipTypes

Collaborative Partner
Membership Types

Collaborative Partner Members have a separate complaints process whereby they commit to the values of the Code of Ethics for Youth Work in New Zealand but are not externally accountable to it. 

If concerns are raised with Rerenga Awa about a Collaborative Partner, the partner will be contacted by the Manager of Rerenga Awa and offered support to improve its practice.

Collabortive Partner

Complaints Officers

Rerenga Awa have two Complaints Officers who are appointed by the board. If an applicant has not previously held the position, they will be required to complete a written application as to why they are wanting to hold this role and provide references to the Rerenga Awa Board. Applicants who currently hold office and who are reapplying need only update their application as appropriate.

Complaints Officers will hold their term for two (2) years.

Criteria includes:

  • Five (5) years relevant Youth Work

  • At least one year’s membership with Rerenga Awa | Canterbury Youth Workers' Collective 

  • Excellent administrative/communication skills

  • Demonstrate a significant understanding of the Code of Ethics and associated policies and procedures.


Information will be given to the board from the Complaints Officers but will not include specific details of the case including names and discrepancies.

As soon as a complaint has been received, by either of the Complaints Officers, they will notify the Chairperson of the Board.

The Complaints Officers will report to monthly board meetings if a complaint is in process and explain the procedures they have followed so far. They will continue to do so until the complaint is closed.

Complaints Officers
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