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Gemma Phillips

Papanui High School Counsellor

Contact details:


Counselling degree, Youth and Community cert.

About me:

I am currently working part time as a counsellor at Papanui high school. Previous to gaining my counselling degree, I worked as a youth worker for 10+ years on the Eastside of Christchurch.

I am passionate about youth work and the positive impact it can have on supporting young people to flourish. I also know from experience some of the challenges that youth workers face in their mahi, and believe that good supervision is essential in helping support youth workers longevity. 

I have experience working with a diverse range of young people of different ages and cultures in community, school and church settings. When I'm not chasing around after teenagers, my time is spent running around after my two busy toddlers- which I adore.

Areas of focus:

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