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Jade Beaman

Te Ora Hou Otautahi

Contact details:

I am happy to meet in-person or online


Strengths Network South Pacific Acredited Coach.

About me:

Are you looking for a coach who can find leadership potential in people, build confidence and journey with individuals and teams through growth? With 15+ years of experience in leadership, developing teams, building and strengthening cultures, Jade is your one stop shop for coaching and development. 

With a passion for PEOPLE – and as a maximiser, Jade thrives in connecting with people, journeying alongside them, deepening their understanding of their strengths and how they can best utilize these in both their professional and personal lives. 

What makes Jade different is the way that he connects. The dash of humour and the aroha that he brings to conversations mixed with the experiences he shares of the work he’s done in the Youth, Community and Social Development sector, his experience in international diplomacy and relations and life experiences, makes it comfortable for people to be vulnerable, enabling a space for people to dig deep – the sweet spot for development. Jade has an understanding and is highly experienced in many areas - supporting people in a complex, forever changing environment, supporting organisations to develop leadership capacity, removing toxic culture within teams and getting the best out of people. 

He adapts his coaching style in order to maximise your learning and outcomes so everyone gets a different experience with the same high quality of coaching. “When people know who they are and have an understanding of their strengths, they feel more engaged and happier in their work. It brings the best out of them, helps them to become a better person. They become an influencer to peers at work and at home. I believe everyone needs a coach, it’s finding the right fit is the key.” – Jade Beaman,

Areas of focus:

Alternative education, Central government, Community development, Faith-based, Health, Kaupapa Māori, Leadership, Local government, Mental health, Mentoring, NEET, School, Social services, Truancy, Whanāu services, Youth development, Environmental/sustainability, Peer supervision, Strategic planning, Cultural & social diversity

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